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June 2021 News From the President!

Monthly News from American Society of Plumbing Engineers San Diego

Grant Schaffer, LEED GA. 2019-2020 Region 4 Nominating Committee Chair, ASPE SD President

To all Members ASPE San Diego,

Its ASPE time in San Diego! Thanks for another successful meeting last month 40 member joined in, Anthony Wikum, our VPT has been working exceptionally hard on the past two years and I believe we have had a successful two years worth of topics and have pushed through a pandemic with style. My hope is that we keep the online meetings going in conjunction with in- person.

With the said next month June 2021 we are pushing to have an in-person meeting to finalize the year and to institute the new board. Everyone has done a fantastic job and I appreciate it.

I can I can say with confidence that this letter is difficult but I’m not sure where to start; should I begin by telling you how ecstatic I am that the talented, dedicated, and amazing board from 2019- 2021 has been? That next month the members will be voting on a new board, and ASPE SD will continue to exceed the past experiences we have had.

I would like to start by addressing the fact that the ASPE San Diego, is optimistically ready to move back to in person meetings this next year with the lift of the California Governors hold based on the pandemic for next month June 2021 and what about the astute insights the current board has accomplished to get us through this past year. Or the fact that this is my last issue as ASPE President? How do I cram all of these facts, tangled with such strong but contrasting emotions, into a concise letter?

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot. I cannot express my confidence in the new board’s abilities, nor my gratitude for the current ASPE Board from 2019 -2021 who has though their valuable thoughts and advice managed to get us through. I would also like to give special thanks to Rod Koepke and he is stepping down as treasurer and the gratitude for all the years of unwavering service he has given ASPE and ASPE San Diego. I cannot thank ASPE San Diego, enough for the years of support and wisdom.

So, in a moment of overwhelming smallness, I thank you for the support and dedication.

Keep on your calendars:

Technical Symposium: September 21-26, 2021 in San Diego, CA; 2022:

In the Future Convention & Expo: September 16-21, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN; 2023:

Technical Symposium: September 26-October 2, 2023 in Bellevue, WA

Christmas Party is set for December 6th at Dave and Busters.

Thanks for those who dedicate their time to keep ASPE AD moving forward.

See you all after the Summer break, be safe and enjoy Life!


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