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November 2019 News from the President!

November 2019 Monthly News from American Society of Plumbing Engineers San Diego

Grant Schaffer, LEED GA. 2019-2020 Region 4 Nominating Committee Chair, ASPE SD President

To all Members ASPE San Diego,

Its ASPE time in San Diego! Thanks for another successful meeting, Anthony Wikum, our VPT has been working exceptionally hard to get a new venue up at Division 23 Brewery. IT was a success, thank you. We are also in the midst of renewing our website and we should be up and running in November 2019. The ASPE SD newsletter is back in running and its been a long three months and a lot of support of the Board to get things back on track.

We have started our CPD series and the flyers are going out via email. The dates currently are 1 x per month and are 5:00pm-8:00pm at 7044 Convoy Court San Diego, Ca 92111. Dates for the exam are registration December 1,2019 and exam dates are from March 30- April 5th 2020.

Keep your eyes open for the coming months as Liza will be sending out invites for ASPE SD AYP ASPE Young Professionals gathering.

Deadline to download your existing CEU’s is November 1st in the midst of transitioning to a new reports systems get them why you can as after November 1 ASPE National will close it down and all will be lost.

On National News, The nominating committee is up and running for next years National board recommendations and elections. If you have someone in mind to be nominated or has interest in serving on the National ASPE Board please let me know or email Mitch Clemente at The following are great candidates; Chapter Presidents, Committee Chairs, Committee members, those who participate on a regular basis. These are the people we should be talking to about running for a position.

On that note ASPE Technical symposium has come and gone. Please go to the ASPE for your registration needs on future conferences. The dates have been set and the dates are as follows: 2020: Convention & Expo: September 11-16, 2020 in New Orleans, LA; 2021: Technical Symposium: September 21-26, 2021 in San Diego, CA; 2022: Convention & Expo: September 16-21, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN; 2023: Technical Symposium: September 26-October 2, 2023 in Bellevue, WA

Christmas Party is set for December 6th at Dave and Busters. The golf outing has been set and the date is April 20, 2020. See Martin Trim for sponsorship, signups and any volunteer efforts that you can spare. Thanks for those who dedicate their time to keep ASPE AD moving forward.


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