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February 2021 News from the President!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Monthly News from American Society of Plumbing Engineers San Diego

Grant Schaffer, LEED GA. 2019-2020 Region 4 Nominating Committee Chair, ASPE SD President

To all Members ASPE San Diego,

Welcome to the new year we are having success with the online meetings. Thanks for everyone continued support. We are looking into posting the webinars to the website so stay tuned.

No new news, other than we all know that the COVID-19 vaccines are coming out. Be safe and soon we should all be back together in person.

As a reminder we will provide CPD education, but we need your assistance for those who want to take part in the service ASPE SD provides. Please contact Martin Trim so we can get a schedule out are going out via email. The dates would be 1 x per month and are typically from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Registration has begun, and exam dates are from April 5th – April 16 2021.

Don’t forget the Technical Symposium: September 21-26, 2021 is in San Diego, CA; 2022 will be a 2 1.5 days conference held at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley Welcome party Friday September 24th at 6:00 pm through 8:00 pm: Convention & Expo: September 16-21, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN; 2023: Technical Symposium: September 26-October 2, 2023 in Bellevue, WA.

The 34th Annual golf outing has been set. See Martin Trim for sponsorship, register online on Signups and any volunteer efforts that you can spare. Thanks for those who dedicate their time to keep ASPE AD moving forward and BE Safe!


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