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September 2020 News from the President!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Monthly News from American Society of Plumbing Engineers San Diego

Grant Schaffer, LEED GA. 2019-2020 Region 4 Nominating Committee Chair, ASPE SD President

To all Members ASPE San Diego,

Its ASPE time in San Diego! We are back from summer break and well as Corona Virus uneventful was, we are still fighting the good fight and staying away. We are hoping that the end is near and hopefully by the fourth quarter we can return back to in person meetings. For now, Anthony Wikum, our VPT has been working exceptionally hard to get us set up with ZOOM and for September we will be online. Same date and same time. ASPE National and their attempts have been successful so we here in San Diego will continue forward with the same. Please stay in touch with the website as all our past meetings and information is updated there for an additional source to keep all out members updated.

Keep your eyes open for the coming months as Liza will be sending out invites for ASPE SD AYP ASPE Young Professionals gathering.

On National News, The nominating committee is finished with the National board recommendations and elections. With the non- convention coming up the business meeting will continue and

the new installation of the ASPE committees and board will be instituted. On that note ASPE Technical convention 2020: Convention & Expo: September 11-16, 2020 in New Orleans, LA; 2021: has been CANCELLED, I guess sometime soon we will have another chance to enjoy the Big EASY. So far the Technical Symposium: September 21-26, 2021 in San Diego, CA; is still on track so stay tuned this next year for the Technical Symposium.

I hope every one is safe and its time to get back in the saddle for ASPE SD!


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